Ecojar Experiments

Collection dateSubstrateLiquid
April 7, 2024Yes; sandPond water

Jar status: MURKY
Jar 1
Day 1: Initial Collection

I collected the substrate and water for this first jar from a local pond. Since it's still cold, there was no plant life in the water to collect (assuming that there normally is plant life in the water at this pond when its warmer, it was my first time there so I don't really know). I considered waiting until things warmed up to collect my samples so that I could have some plant life sewn in, but decided I'd rather see if anything happens with a jar of early spring pond water rather than go home with nothing.

The pond was nice. There were lots of birds! Notabley some candian geese, some malards, and a huge swan! The swan was sitting on the ground and lifted its head to look at me as I passed by. I didn't realize how huge they can get! Lucky for me both the swan and the geese seemed disinterested by my courteous treading, though the geese let me know when it was time to leave. The pond seems to be next to a bakery and there was a variety of bread and baked goods broken up and strewn about. I hope they don't do that everyday.

Once I collected the sand and water, I headed back home. I hadn't really thought about how I was going to keep the jar from tipping over in my car. Its a lot of water, so I really didn't want to risk a spill of pond water on the floor. I put the jar between my legs for the ride home, careful not to hit any potholes too hard. No incidents! The jar came home in one piece. It will sit on a shelf in indirect sunlight.

The jar has been agitated, so there's far too many particles floating around to see very clearly into it. I'll give it a few days to settle. Even though its still pretty opaque, I was able to spot a little creature swimming around! My friend Vivian says its a "copepod." I suspect I'll be learning more about little creatures and plants.

Jar status: MURKY

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