Wave Length

Suggested by my friend Vivian and somewhat based off the improv game "Mind Meld", Wave Length is a Discord bot that takes a word from two or more players and compares whether or not they are the same word. The goal is for all players to guess a word based off the previous words guessed until everyone guesses the same word. The bot is themed from the perspective of an autonomous non-organic entity.

Discord User Ghostifier

Discord User Ghostifier (aka D.U.G. or DUG) is a Discord bot for my Minecraft hardcore mode group speedruns. The server is set up such that everyone is in a "living" voice channel to start and when a player dies in game DUG moves them to a "ghost" voice channel. Dead players have their permissions stripped so they cannot reenter the "living" voice channel. The bot is themed around a grim-reaper-esque wolf.

Art by Crub.