gardening journal

june 9, 2022: garden and tomatoes

over the last few months i've been cleaning up the garden bed in our backyard. i think i was successful. i sieved out a bunch of rocks for the first half but decided not to for the second half since it was taking such a long time.

i planted sunflowers, pumpkins, potatoes, and onions. i sewed them directly into the dirt instead of starting them. it was my first time trying to plant this way. for the first week nothing came up and i was pretty disappointed but its been two or three weeks since and some plants have started to pop up!

unfortunately, some kind of creature started digging them up... i had about seven sunflower seedlings, but now i have just two. there are squirrels, chipmunks, and even a groundhog in my backyard so there are plenty of suspects. i've set back up the door i took off the fence to see if that helps. thank you haley for helping me put it up i appreciate it.

im trying to start some marigolds in the shed but im unsure how they will go. i have a few seedlings but they seem awfully weak. i hope they do well, but i wont be too torn up if they dont. i hope my little garden grows something.

we bought three tomato plants a few months ago and ive been tending to them since. theyre doing really well! one has two little tomatoes growing, i hope we'll be able to harvest them. as theyve been getting bigger theyve been getting a little harder to stay healthy. the pots we have might be too small. im afraid to transplant them into the garden because i may break the main stem if i do. i'll keep trying to keep them healthy. i promise.